Church Lane

A road that is only intended for local access


Church Lane as the name suggests is the small road that leads to the church. 

It's flanked either side by cottages and houses and is very narrow.

Quite clearly this road is intended only for local access, but sadly for its residents its becoming something of a rat run.

Despite its narrowness, its blind corners and poor road surface, when the traffic gets snarled up on West Haddon Rd or Main Street the temptation is to peel off from the main route through the village and chance it down Church Lane (in what is often a vain attempt to beat the traffic and gain a few places in the queue a bit further up the road for the A5199) is too great not to take (and incredibly and as the picture shows that includes some truck drivers)!   

Caution Not Speed

When locals use this road (and if you've ever followed one you'll bear witness to this) you can't fail to notice how slowly they drive along it. This is because they know how dangerous it is and that you're likely to meet someone walking the dog (there are no paths as the roads too narrow) or driving the other way (around one of its blind corners) and therefore the only sensible option is caution rather than speed.   

Too often it ends in tears

Unfortunately for those just racing to get past the traffic all consideration for other road users and residents too often gets forgotten. The consequences are inevitable . 

An eyewitness account

"The Vauxhall shown had raced down Church Lane to beat the traffic and ran head first into the lady who had just turned down the lane to get to Thornby where she works. 

I stopped and spoke to both drivers. The man was in denial and accused the village of  having too many bends (yes really)  and the poor girl hurt her arm and suffered burns to face from the air bag. I have subsequently found out both cars have been written off." 

You might think we're exaggerating when we say Church Lane is dangerous but it really is. Check out the pictures below which are just the most recent accidents we have pictures of. Rest assured most don't get logged but they all result in the same type of damage as the pictures show. 

Of course if we had less traffic there wouldn't be a need to use Church Lane and this sort of thing could be avoided!