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Unwelcome Traffic Byproducts...


Several years ago the county council tarmacked over what was (and officially still is!) a gravel storage area at the Naseby Road junction on the A5199 (it's the area shown in the picture above). They did this because apparently run off (water mixed with gravel) was contributing to accidents at what is a dangerous junction (whether this was the case or not we’re not sure but having it doesn’t appear to have reduced accidents to any great extent...see our section on Naseby crossroads)!

Whilst this is not a parking area, to the general travelling public it looks suspiciously like one and as a result people park there. The road that it sits on is as a classified unnumbered road (i.e. of lower significance than a B road and be of primarily local importance) hence in reality whether this is a parking area or not shouldn’t be an issue for us as not that many people should ever want to use it. Unfortunately, however, because our roads are being used by considerably more than just local traffic (more than 35,000 vehicles a week) this area attracts rather more visitors than was ever envisaged and this results (as you can see) in a great deal of litter to the point that the Parish Council felt compelled to provide a litter bin. Unfortunately this wasn't adequate so it had to be replaced with a full size bin and eventually 2!

What this demonstrates is just how much traffic is using this road and that this is not only causing the traffic issues we’ve highlighted but environmental issues too with litter being one of them and air and noise pollution being the others. 

So what can be done?

Clearly in the longer term a bypass would be the obvious answer to at least two of the environmental issues we face as this would move traffic out of the village and onto a road purpose built to support the level of traffic that wants to travel East-West/West-East.

In the shorter term, however, there is also more that can be done which requires the general travelling public to do their bit (which incidentally includes all the residents of Cold Ashby).

Exhaust Pollution: Clearly with 35,000 vehicles travelling through our village each week and with an increasing number of vehicles getting caught up in traffic jams in and around Main Street, exhaust pollution is becoming an issue.

Stop start your engine

Stop start technology on cars automatically stops the car’s engine when it's stationary. This saves on fuel but also cuts emissions. If you already have a vehicle equipped with this system... well done. It makes a big difference to the people walking down the street. If you haven’t, then quite simply if you get stuck in traffic and it looks like it's not going to be moving for a minute or two, manually turn the engine off! Obviously we appreciate that much of the time driving in jams is stop start and this won’t be appropriate, but if there is the opportunity you might as well give it go...every little helps!

Just slow down

By far the biggest difference however would be achieved if everyone slowed down and drove through the village at the speed limit and didn’t accelerate so hard when pulling away from a stop. Quite simply the more aggressively you accelerate and the faster you go the more fuel you burn and the more emissions are produced. Slow down, drive smoothly, save money improve the environment!       

Shhh...Having to put up with 35,000 vehicles travelling through the village each week would be made easier if everyone could keep the noise down...

Noise Pollution: Clearly with  35,000 vehicles travelling through our village each week at times it's going to get noisy! Combine the quantity of traffic with speed of traffic and that's when things are at their noisiest. Because we are lucky enough to live in beautiful countryside it attracts leisure drivers and in particular motorcyclists. We have nothing against motorcyclists but those riding a particular make (from America!) who like to ride out in groups are particularly noisy (especially down Main Street where the sound bounces of the houses).

We would respectfully ask that if you must drive or ride through the village you do so whilst keeping to the speed limit and again avoiding overly aggressive acceleration that would go a long way to improving the environment for us all and would very much appreciated! 

Use the bins not the floor. Even better take it home

Environmental Pollution (littering): like many villages (in fact like just about everywhere) littering is a problem. However, with 35,000 vehicles travelling through our Parish each week the potential for littering is perhaps greater for us than for others. 

Very simply take your litter home or if you really must dispose of something that urgently that it can't wait until you get home please use the bins provided and this doesn’t just apply to our village it just applies full stop. 

Come on everyone, have a bit of respect for where you live and the country as a whole.  

Noise Pollution...

Perhaps also a contender for our speeding vehicles page...but this illustrates nicely the problem of noisy vehicles!

If you really must use the village please drive quietly...would you be happy for us to drive past your house like this? 

Make A Difference...

Join us for a community litter pick...

Cold Ashby Parish Council has now purchased and issued to CAPEG a full set of litter picking apparatus.

The first litter pick is planned and we hope to bring news of this very shortly along with a date for when the next one is so you can join in.