Welcome to this section of our website that we call the Specifics...

So far we've looked at the background to our problems and how external issues and planning failures have culminated in more and more traffic wanting to use the route through Cold Ashby.  

If we'd been a typical village with general traffic problems to start with this would be cause enough to complain but as you'll see from the "Specifics" below there are other factors that make these traffic planning failures far, far worse...   

The Specifics...

Volume of Traffic

Whether you're a local, a regular commuter or even just an occasional user of the road through the village you may well have been held up in a traffic queue like this. Find out what underpins traffic issues in Cold Ashby and what the numbers are behind the traffic planning. failures

Speeding Traffic

Speeding Traffic is a problem everywhere and if you have this problem in your village we feel for you...

However when added to the other issues we face and taken in context with just how fast people are driving this has gone way beyond just an annoyance; somone is going to get injured. 

Overweight Traffic

Big trucks, small village roads, difficult to negotiate corners and too much other traffic all wrapped up in a weight restriction order...sounds like a recipe for disaster for truck drivers and us and it is! 

Main Street

Main Street is at the heart of the village and also at the heart of traffic related issues. Find out why and how by just being a little bit more patient if you really must travel through Cold Ashby you can do so safely and with the minimum hold up.

Church Lane

A single track lane intended for local use only has become a rat run and an accident black-spot right in the middle of the village. Whilst we totally understand that travelling through Cold Ashby can be frustrating; for your safety and ours please dont use Church Lane as a cut through.

Naseby Crossroads

At the moment we have over 20,000 vehicles a week using a junction that's intended only for local traffic; it's dangerous and will remain dangerous until it's improved and in the meantime everyone that uses it needs to take extra care.

Environmental Impact

What a load of old rubbish! Air, noise and environmental pollution are issues for us all but with more than our fair share of traffic we have ended up with more than our fair share of the pollution.