Twenty's plenty

For the Protection of All Road Users in Cold Ashby Speed Reduction is Essential.

It’s an unfortunate but entirely understandable fact that we road users are not habitual readers of the Highway Code. 

Even if we were, we would find that some ‘rules of the road’ therein, which we might assume were carved in stone, can be quite flexible.

A road user’s ‘right of way’ or ‘priority’ is one such rule and, as explained on the Main Street Page, it is sometimes necessary to forego this apparent ‘right’ in the interests of harmony and safety.

It is also frequently necessary, in those same interests, to travel at speeds well below the stated limit. As RoSPA states : 

Speed limits are a maximum … not a target.

Good reasons to reduce speed

Cold Ashby is a pleasant residential area, has an excellent playground and sports field but has narrow roads and parked vehicles reducing the road width.

In Cold Ashby we are campaigning for a 20 mph limit because too many drivers are not heeding the above advice.

It would be helpful if we all thought about this when approaching any built-up area and simply slowed down!

Other reasons for reducing speed which apply to Cold Ashby derive from the obvious fact that not all our road users are motorists.

Please remember that the Highway Code requires we all take extra care when negotiating our way past vulnerable road users

Cycling, horse-riding and walking play are important features of village life and cyclists, horses and pedestrians are all described in the Highway Code as road users requiring extra care. 

Fortunately, many motorists do give our local walkers, cyclists and horses a wide berth and slow down or stop as necessary and we thank them very much for that.

But, far too often, drivers are failing to anticipate the possibility that they may meet these fellow road users, in addition to cars and illegal HGVs,  around the bends at each end of Main Street or on our narrow lanes such as Church Lane, Thornby Road, Crabtree Lane or Guilsborough Road where there is often no separate footway.

Warning! Just occasionally, less frequent road users may also be encountered on our lanes!

As we in CAPEG are continually stressing (and we make no apology for repeating this message!) Cold Ashby’s roads are unsuitable for the volume, speed and weight of vehicles now using us as part of an unofficial and unsafe trunk route.

If you must drive through our village please remember that we are more than just an obstruction. We are a small rural community and our road users deserve your consideration as you deserve ours.

For flocks sake lets keep the speed down!

Warning...angry sheep ahead!

Ewe'd have to be Barr..king mad to speed through the village when these bad boys are about (or should that be bad girls?)!

We at CAPEG certainly wouldn't want to ram into them anyway.

Plus remember you're also likely to encounter the police speed camera van around the corner and you wouldn't want to get fleeced by them with a big fine either. 

The bottom line is we just wont accept any old woolly excuses for speeding. 

Slow down or we're sending this lot round to make a mess of your garden!