Welcome and Introduction

"Lying on the 200 metres (656 ft) contour line Cold Ashby is said to be the highest village in Northamptonshire"

Cold Ashby a small rural community

Nestled in the heart of the classic British rolling green countryside is the small village of Cold Ashby. Whilst Northamptonshire isn’t noted for its mountainous landscape, as the quote above suggests Cold Ashby is the highest village in Northamptonshire. It's likely that we were originally just known as Ashby ("village by the ash trees"), but as there were rather too many of those around we needed a fitting prefix (or actually a suffix!) and we became Ashby Cold, we imagine because generally it's cooler here than the surrounding area. 

We are a small rural community of around 250 people, with a pub, a church, a magnificent playing field and a 27 hole championship golf course. As you can see from the pictures its a rather lovely place to live. However the peace and tranquillity is being spoilt...

It's being spoilt by problem traffic. 

Of course we fully appreciate that we aren’t the only village to have a traffic problem or to feel that the best way to solve it is with a bypass, but unlike most other villages we believe we have a unique set of circumstances that mean a bypass would provide far more than just relief for the village. It would actually be a benefit (if not more so) to surrounding towns, industrial estates and the general travelling public. The reasons for this we hope to cover in this website as well as at the same time highlighting the specific issues we face. 

Improvements for us and just as important the general travelling public

So if you find yourself here because you’ve been affected by one of our traffic issues and want to know more, we hope you’ll find the information we’ve provided useful and who knows it might help you have a better journey through our village in the future (and by all means feel free to drop us a line at bypasscoldashbynow@gmail.com). 

 If you find yourself here because you're a local and totally fed up with what’s happening in your village we hope that you’ll take heart that we are trying hard to find a long term solution to the problems we face. 

And if you find yourself here because we have been in contact with you we hope you’ll find the information we’ve provided useful in supporting the reason we contacted you in the first place!    

The bottom line is however that for whatever reason you may find yourself here we hope you’ll get a better understanding of the problems we face and what you could do to help make things better for us and just as importantly, you whenever you visit us in the future.    

Thank you for stopping by.

Cold Ashby Parish Environmental Group    

Background to the problem

 Why we have so much traffic going through our village? 

The Specifics...

The specific reasons why traffic struggles to get through Cold Ashby and what other issues the sheer weight of traffic causes