Who Are CAPEG?

Cold Ashby Parish Environmental Group

CAPEG have been formed as a Sub-Committee of Cold Ashby Parish Council to focus attention on our long term goal of attaining a bypass for Cold Ashby. 

For many years traffic has been a major issue for us all, whether it's been speeding drivers on West Haddon Rd, HGV’s flouting the weight restriction, accidents on the Naseby Crossroads or just the sheer quantity of it causing havoc on Main Street and drivers using Church Lane as an inappropriate short cut the situation is getting worse. 

Why is CAPEG necessary?

Regardless of where you live in the parish it's unlikely you will have failed to notice or perhaps have even been directly affected by the increase in traffic we have seen over the past 12 months, the reasons for which appear to have been caused by: 

  1. The opening of an inadequate new M1/M6/A14 Junction at Catthorpe (that doesn’t allow northbound traffic to leave the M1 to go East or the A14 to go to the M1 South)
  2.  The expansion (and further planned expansion) of Daventry 
  3. The expansion (and further planned expansion) of DIRFT 
  4. · The expansion (and further planned expansion) of Rugby
  5.  The expansion of larger villages locally such as Crick and West Haddon  


Making Cold Ashby and even better place to live

Whilst over recent years the Parish Council has had a working party dedicated to the management of traffic it has now come to the conclusion that whilst management of traffic remains important, regardless of how effective this is, it is only a sticking plaster over a problem that requires a properly fit for purpose long-term solution and this is the reason for CAPEG.      

  CAPEG will seek to:

  1. Put pressure on all and any authority or business (both public and private) that has responsibility for the traffic that travels through Cold Ashby Parish, to gain support and ultimately funding for its long term goal of a bypass.
  2. Put pressure on our local authorities to do whatever they can to help relieve the real issues that are affecting us right now.
  3. Take any direct actions we can locally (and most importantly encourage the rest of our community to join us) in improving our environment, which whilst focusing directly on traffic related issues will include anything else that might indirectly have a positive impact on it or that will help make Cold Ashby an even better place to live.